How Much Do Cam Girls Make?

I have been asked this question countless times. How much do cam girls make? Can I really earn a living as a cam girl? Is being a cam girl high paying? Among a number of other questions. Well, let us just set the record straight today.

Being a cam model has its perks, one of which is the pay. While nobody will come out and openly admit their salary as a cam model, some have given rough estimates off their hourly rates. A cam girl is paid per hour and the amount of money made depends on a number of factors.

The very first of these factors is the number of people in her audience. The number of people in the audience may not be directly proportional to the amount paid but it increases the yield. The audience pays to view a cam girls chat with tokens that are made available by the site. The tokens are then converted into cash and paid out by the site. The site is therefore another very important factor when it comes to earning as a cam girl. A good site offers a high pay rate, which is the conversion rate on tokens. It also offers a high percentage on pay. For every site, a certain percentage is shared between the site and the cm girl. The higher the pay percentage, the better and greater the pay for the cam girl. Another factor is the number of hours that the model puts in. since the pay is on an hourly rate, the more the hours, and the greater the pay.

As a cam model, I work through multiple sites so as to increase my flow of audience and make more money. One of my best sites is Meiyatokyousa. They have really lucrative pay rates, a great Japanese audience and a very high payout/share percentage. On an average day, when work is really slow and clients are not feeling as forthcoming with their money as I am with my body, I make about $242 in an hour. If you think that is high, you should see me on a great day when the entire audience is just showering me with money.

Being a cam girl is a lucrative job that is earning people thousands a day or a week. While it has its low seasons and down times, it is a job I would recommend for anyone who is not too afraid to show off her body or get off for the audience

Best Cam Girl Sites

Best Cam Girl Sites

The secret to earning big as a cam model is not having an extremely flexible body, different classes of toys and numerous ways of pleasuring yourself, though these are an absolute bonus. The secret is to have shown in high paying sites with large numbers of potential, yet spending viewers. I have been part of some very disappointing cam sites and they ended up destroying me for a long while. Most of them have really low pay rates, too low a number of viewers or too high a number of trolls. However, I have also come across some very promising and lucrative sites that I absolutely love working on.

FC2 live

This is one of the sites that I absolutely one of my best and favorites. Hosted through Japanese sites, you can never really lack viewers. In addition, the Japanese are extremely generous with their money and they happen to be very loyal. The fact that there aren’t many Japanese cam sites means that the competition is limited and a lot of the attention goes to you. Then there is the fact that they have great pay rates. In order to work for this site, you have to work through an Japanese webcam model agency as FC2 live does not support models to do pay per minutes function if you do not live in Japan. Unlike online agency such as internet modeling and I-Camz, this agency Meiya Tokyo USA is very supportive. They instructed me what is attractive to Japanese and provided me good strategies to be successful.


This is one of the best cam girl site. The pay is based on tipping. I was not successful much as I am not good at asking tips. Also the competition is high. The average earning was about $50 per hour. I did not like the system much too as I do not like free riders who does not pay tips. However, the top models are making about $20,000 per per month. So, there is a big potential.


This is another top cam site. The site has its unique system called “Cam score”. I was doing good when I started. But After I took break for 2 weeks, my cam score went down somehow. After that I moved to Japanese site as I found it is more profitable. Although earning potential for Myfreecam is probably the highest as top models are making about $50,000 per month,  I do not recommend webcam model beginners to start out with this site as competition is really fierce.


This cam site is mainly for private chat. I was successful making $100 per hour. But I do not like the fact that I have to wait until someone enter my room. Sometime I wait more than 1 hour in slow day. I still work at this site sometime at night as night time in U.S is morning time in Japan which traffic is slow at my current Japanese site.


A good cam model site is one that offers great rates, pays on time, has a high number of valuable clients with less competition. A cam site should have a strong privacy policy and should always make you feel secure.

What It Means To Be a Webcam Model

Is that even a real profession? What exactly goes on? Is it easy? Are you insane? These are some of the questions I have come to expect from my friends. That is, the ones that I dared to tell what I do for a living. Webcam models are usually looked down upon and who is to blame you for doing that? I have gotten used to being referred to as a porn star and looked at as an object of pleasure by my clients. I have limited my friends and the ones that I can communicate to do similar jobs or worse. However, just like you, I have a life beyond the camera.

Your normal day begins with a shower, breakfast and then heading to work. So does mine. I wake up in the morning, probably sore from last night’s cam session and head out to the shower. I then get myself breakfast and feed my cat; I am not at liberty to have a romantic partner. The one I had left because I was too embarrassing to him. After that, I head to my computer, turn on the webcam, and wait for my clients. At the end of it all, I expect money in my account, just like you do.

As webcam models are we ashamed of what we do? Some are, some are not. Personally, I am of the opinion that the boat has sailed and it is already to try crying over spilt milk. The money is great and just like your regular job there are risks. What happens if my father, who thinks I have a waitress job in the city decides to join my private chat room? Or my younger brother or even the elder sister?

Of course, I am not supposed to frown in front of the camera or show that I am sore or bored from all the moves that I have to repeat each hour to a different client each time, and to some regulars. Doing that would mean no paycheck and the world still needs me to pay my bills. It has its pleasures, but it has its torments as well.

To our clients, we are no more than entertainment; a great source of indulgence in guilty pleasures. To my cat I am the livelihood. To my family I am the good daughter who visits from time and pays bills from time to time. To the rest of the world I am a slut for pay. But to myself I am just another human being making ends meet.

Life As A Cam Model

For the viewer, being cam model is the epitome of self-pleasure. For the cam model however, life is a lot different and not as easy as it seems on screen. The first few times are usually the hardest. Getting viewers is a complex process and getting them to pay for you start stripping and masturbating is an even harder process. I remember on my very first day I was a total nervous wreck and everyone knows getting off while nervous is near impossible. Just about every viewer you meet however wants you to get off and not being able to points to inadequacy and lack of knowledge.

I actually thought that I was done for since I did not get off but surprisingly my second time still had a high number of viewers. Between my first and second day I made a clean $564, which I like to think of as a huge achievement. Over time however, life gets far more complicated, especially if you are doing it to earn a living and not just for the fu or fetish part of it.

Contrary to popular belief, doing the same moves and tricks with the same toys almost daily gets very boring fast. Over time, you expect that the clients will decrease in number but I always see a growing number of viewers. Most of them are usually new to my chat or recent but there are the loyal ones who have made you their favorite. ILoveGirlCum167 is my special favorite and he has stuck with me since my very first session. I like to think of him as my lucky charm.

The complication is trying different things to try to spice it up. The problem with that is that it might backfire terribly on you. Of course, apart from the group chats there are the private sessions. These are more intense than the group chats and the clients have crazy ideas for you try. I try to keep an open mind but I have my limits and I will not compromise.

The money is generally good but that does not mean that you cannot hit your dry spells. It is not always trickling in with money and sometimes you have to work even more than 8 hours before you can get the viewers to give you enough tokens. Tokens equal clothes off and toys on. Being a cam model is not as easy s I first figured and though it might get harder at some point, the money is well worth the odd hours and exhaustion.

Webcam Jobs

As the internet advances in availability and becomes easier to use, so are its applications increased. Online jobs are currently some of the easiest, most convenient and lucrative jobs around. Webcams too have grown to become quite famous in the online job market. Webcam jobs are on the rise due to their easy way of application and great monetary returns. Some of the best include:


Webinars are typically web seminars. While some people usually record the webinar and stream it for the audience later, most others do a live stream. A live stream requires the use of a webcam. Live stream webinars are some of the highest paying online jobs in the market currently. A webinar could cover any number of professional topics depending on the person hosting it. The revenue is earned by having people pay to be part of the web seminar. The issue with webinars is that they cannot be hosted frequently and they are usually formal in nature.

Webcam modeling

One of the most lucrative and coveted webcam jobs, webcam modeling has received great appreciation and acceptance y individuals worldwide. Basically, a webcam model showcases herself or himself while masturbating or having sex, in the event that they are a couple. The audience then pays through what are known as tokens, which are then converted into hard cash by the hosting site. Webcam modeling is however not just restricted to masturbation and sex and there is the occasional chat involved. Cosmetics and sex toy companies, manufacturers and retailers, also pay some models to advertise their products on their shows. The pay depends on the site that hosts the cam model and how much she /he earns form the audience. Pay rates are given on an hourly basis and the models can appear for as long and as often as they desire.

Web shows

There is also a growing number of web shows available on the internet nowadays. Basically, the show is just your average TV show but hosted on the internet and streamed to its viewers. Web shows can either be formal and informal and the pay usually comes from marketing products on the show, converting the subscribers or having subscribers pay to view. Web shows are not as common as the other two since they involve a corporate entity most of the time.


Webcam jobs are on the rise and their worldwide availability, convenience, freedom and security are great factors that draw in the multitudes. The growth of webcam jobs is inevitable and there will definitely be more to come.

Is It Okay To Be A Webcam Model?

“How can I become a webcam model?” I have been asked this question countless times. Being a webcam model is great and many people have realized its potential. On a good day you could make anywhere between $200 to over $1,000. It is usually sexual but someone you get that one client who just wants to talk about the dirty little secrets hiding in his/her closet. Her? Well, most of the clients might be male but some are female. Sexuality is no longer a constricted concept, at least not on the internets.

I did not start off as a webcam model of course. I actually have a degree to my name. But getting a job is hard and job security is nothing more than just a mere concept. I tried getting a job for over two years, all the while working odd jobs to pay my bills. Now I have my own apartment, with a great view and in a Porsche part of town. How did I get here?

I had no idea what a cam girl was. One morning I was going through some blogs, looking for a job posting or just a funny blog post to brighten my day. Then a cam model ad popped up. I do not usually like ads but I am extremely curious with my sexuality and I clicked on it just to find out what it was all about.

A number of websites later and I had a profession. I signed up to a free cam site and started amassing followers and great clients. The tips were good and I was able to pay for an exclusive membership to a much better and more private cam site. A year and a half later and I have sufficiently supported my life to its current high end stature.

Am I ashamed? No, I love my job. Is it hard? Sometimes you get that one client who will not stop asking you to do insane things, but some other times you get a soft client who just wants you to explore a conversation. Like a regular job, it has its ups and downs. But being a cam girl, is probably the best things that could have happened to me. Though I cannot openly talk about it for fear of society’s judgment, I am happy. Plus I get to enjoy myself while working, which is an added advantage. Of course I have my reservations and so should anyone when you become a webcam model, but taking the moral high ground will not put food on my table or a roof over my head.

First experience as a camgirl

My First-Hand Time to Work as a Webcam Model

The industry of webcam modeling is here to stay if the sudden surge in the popularity of EXXXOTICA 2015 is something to go by. Much like many webcam models, I was forced by the downturns of the economic outlook to turn to this lucrative modeling sector.

The night of my first show went unexpectedly smooth. I started out by cleaning up my room, dusting off the lamp shade and tidying up my entire room. So many questions raced through my mind. What am I doing? Will they find me attractive? How will I view myself tomorrow? Best believe me; all those constant worries went down the drain as soon as I stepped before the webcam. Though shy at first, I eased into it like a pro.

I am not here to bore you with all those details; I would like to walk you through best five tips of this trade that I experienced so far.

Know Your Customers

While it’s easier and more jovial to use customer’s nickname, it is often necessary to use the shortened form as long as you keep track of your client. It’s also prudent and mostly convenient to learn, memorize or write their real names. Don’t be shocked when your customer is utterly impressed when you identify them by name.

Be Presentable At All Time

Call it whatever you want but webcam modeling is the best modeling there is; it is crucial that you remain elegant, presentable and beautiful before the cam. Don’t show up with damp air or no make-up unless asked otherwise by a paying customer. The lighting set up is important too. This video helped me alots.

Shop, shop, shop

This one caught me off guard. A client stopped me in the middle of an engaging and beautiful session and inquired if I could dot a bra with animal prints. Imagine how disappointed I was to lose a well-paying client. Get a variety of pants, panty liners, themed outfits, bras, etc. As a rule of thumb, stay clear of white and black as they aren’t “camogenic”.

Learn the Best Way to Make Money

While tipping worked unexpectedly well for me, I presume private shows or group shows might be goldmines for some models out there. I made quick bucks from private shows, but I soon realized that there is a steep price elasticity curve between price and demand. Do thorough research before making your choice.

Try To Have Genuine Fun

Don’t worry about how much you’re making. Embrace the game and have fun with your clients, the money will flow in due time.